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Our new center is under way


We plan to begin a extensive expansion in January. We would like our end goal to be a large building that can accommodate a onsite vet, surgery and lecture hall. But our initial plans would be a communal garden for children to learn about allotments and where older people can come and enjoy and learn. Along with minimum of three acres of enclosures, including deer paddocks, a reception area and medical room. We would like to achieve this new expansion within the next couple of years with the help and support of the local community.

Warnings to stay away from seals


News report on here. Please keep a distance away from the seals as they're now pupping. Ideally dogs shouldn't be loose on the beach this time of year and would benefit from walks through the sand dunes instead. 20meters is adviced when viewing the seals. We do monitor the seals and take photos of any injured for potential rescue so if you see someone photographing a seal don't think it's then okay to break the rules, keep to the 20meter perimeter