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We have been so amazed with the recent interest in our wildlife after seeing the effects of NoMowMay. As an area with fluctuating views of wildlife, we've always wanted to bring out Norfolk's wildlife lovers. We have set out to do this by educating the local community whenever possible. #Bekindtowildlife is an idea loosely based on the fantastic Random Acts of Kindness Movement. This is often found amongst the knitting and crocheting groups and consists of lovely people, spending their free time making items that will brighten peoples' day. By putting small items out to bring a smile to peoples face, we can also promote ideas that will help influence more wildlife in your gardens. In a time where perfection outweighs nature, we would love to bring back wildlife to peoples' lives.

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A group of wonderful people have volunteered their spare time to crochet animals and flowers, in order to spread cheer amongst the local community. We also hope this will promote working to maximise wildlife in your own backyards. If you're lucky enough to find one of these handcrafted items please enjoy it, visit the website activities and, if possible, place it back somewhere for another person to find. We hope to spread the word as far as we can. Please provide us with a photo to either our email, Facebook or Whatsapp so we can upload it here and show the world how Norfolk love their wildlife. (All pinned locations will show area found but will not be linked to the person sharing it for safeguarding.)

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