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Runham wildlife rescue began in January 2018 however we were running for 9 years prior in London under a alternate name, changing to one that was more localised for our new land purchase. Founded by Kelly, we started off taking in domestic animals whilst gaining knowledge and qualifications in animal care. Such as Parasitology, Microbiology, Avian health, Animal management, Wildlife rehabilitation, and many more. We also had a collection of experience in Zoos, Vets, Schools, Farms and the Pet-trade which set us up for a future in wildlife rehabilitation. As our intake grew so did our rescue and we acquired a medical room, ambulance service, aviary space and volunteers who paved the way for RWR as we know it today. Going from taking unwanted and sick pets, to being qualified and educated in many wildlife species where we focused our career on. We also pride ourselves in working with a range of other rescues in the UK, i cant stress how important it is we all work together to better our practices and share workload, any rescue is more than welcome to contact us for advice or discussion or visit our future centre.


Runham wildlife rescue was created to initially rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife back to its natural habitat. However as we progressed we realised that rescue is so much more than that. We would like to prevent and target animal cruelty and the lack of understanding of Biodiversty. Our team currently is made of the managing director, three trustees and a handful of  dedicated volunteers, and a exotics and wildlife specialist vet onsite.

Up and coming projects;

We as a approach to tackling neglect and abuse have targeted children, young adults, and special needs in order to teach ethics and importance of biodiversity in the UK and how it effects our ecosystem, we have applied for grants to build a classroom and lecture hall and have hands on experience with the surrounding environment and what lives in it. 

We will be providing people work experience, volunteering, possibly looking into art therapy courses taking place on the premise, along with wildlife training courses.


This will be updated with some of our plans for up and coming projects 
We plan to have a wildlife education center along side for the public this will involve a Allotment area for interaction of produce we use and grow to care for our animals, a woodland talks, we will have interactive workshops such as bug hotels, bird feeders, eye spy questionnaires and pond dipping.

Such as a 20ft classroom, 32ft medical unit and baby care room, some of our classroom activities and workshops for a general idea in what the future holds 

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