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It may be hard to identify some domestic animals, if you do not recognise a particular

as a wild animal please contain and report to a professional to verify. 

When people find domestic animals they tend to want to keep them on their

property while they look for the owners, please do not do this without the

animal being looked at by a rehabber with veterinary knowledge, these

animals are often very sick, malnourished, dehydrated or injured 

which isn't easy to spot. This is someones beloved animal and 

the best interest of that animal is to be seen by someone who 

can keep it at optimum health. 

Please then:

  • Keep it contained in a sturdy structure that's suitable 

for its species, e.g a rat will chew through cardboard.

A bird would need a lid/cage

  • Make sure they can breath

  • Do NOT force water in their mouths but you can

provide a small amount of water appropriate to size, nothing

it can sit or drown in.

  • Do not feed until you have been told what is suitable or have

determined if theres any injuries around the mouth, or blockages that

need to be treated first.

  • Do NOT show photos of the animal on social media. Keep all signs of the animals identity safe. Only post the rough colour and species along with the area and then ask them to contact us directly with proof of ownership, such as pictures, detailed description, a ring number. Many people will fake a loss of a pet in order to gain a new one. Leave the rescue to do the leg work. We use lost of lost and found registers and are used to dealing with this daily. 

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