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Woodcocks I've put in their own group as they like swifts as in they need specialist care,

but also due to they self destructive nature they need to have special needs in rescue also.  

In the wild woodcocks launch themselves in he air and fly off as fast and possible, in

captivity or rescue this wont stop them trying and they will scalp, concuss, or injure


How to secure a woodcock without injury:

  • Towel them at the scene securing the wings close to the body but without applying 

too much pressure that it restricts airflow.

  • Put inside a cardboard box or fabric cat carrier and make sure its secured

with tape or zip, not plastic or metal if possible, but make sure there is air holes,

if your only option is metal or plastic cover the whole carrier with a dark

towel to give it a sense of security this will hopefully prevent it from

jumping. Also minimal movement if possible when transporting.

Please do not give food or water as it will have a specialist diet and will

not eat it only tread on it and get wet etc. Call your local wildlife rescue

asap for rescue. 

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