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Hedgehogs should not be seen during the day, the only time you may is during the early winter and they are trying to feed to fatten up for hibernation and are scarce for food. This means any seen in the day will need a assessment to be safe. 
You must look at there health to determine whether they need rescue. 

Things that show poor health:

  • Weepy eyes or nasal discharge.

  • Bleeding

  • Parasites such as ticks on the body, or maggots in wounds

or orifices

  • Raspy, wheezy or distorted breathing

  • Inability to curl into a ball

  • Weight, a adult hog should be a minimum weight of 600g 

If you find a hedgehog with any of these symptoms you need to

contain the hog with minimal stress and handling as they are sensitive to 

excessive contact. Keep it in neutral temp (unless they are baby hoglets,

in which case needs a warm environment) until we can discuss further, also

reframe from providing food or water until a rehabber has the full details of symptoms

this will prevent any asphyxiation and further health complications. Then call us or

your local center to discuss how urgent and what your next steps are. 

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