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To adopt our animals you will need to apply using a adoption form supplied below or can be sent by email for print and mail, this will give us a brief idea of your experience and needs, and the environment you have available this isn't a test so please don't lie, its simply a way of us finding out what animals would be best suited, alot of animals we have in have special needs or requirements in a new home. Once you have applied and a suitable animal comes up for adoption you can ask to be put forward for them, or we will source you via the applications. We would then come over for a home check and a meet and greet. A trial period for housing the animal will be agreed just to ensure this would be the best long term home for them, this just gives adoptees a chance to experience life with a new animal, housing parrots for e.g can be a big change to both the adoptee and animal and can lead to behavioural issues. Our aim for being this thorough is to not pass the animals around from home to home and find the most appropriate long term forever home.


Rehoming within the family:

We then contract the animals to prevent further sale or rehoming. This isnt to prevent people feeling like they own the bird but simply to stop them getting in the wrong hands. If a family member has decided they would better suit or have bonded with the animal and would be more suitable, or the original adoptee has fallen ill you can rehome the animal but first we need to home check the new adoptee and contract them through the same senerio. 

Help and nutritional information:

We often have animals in with poor backgrounds to their health and diet. Some of them will be on specific diets. These birds you'd be briefed of their long term health and history. For animals that are not under specifics we still offer advise and a continuous portal where you can discuss any issues or worries, day or night, serious or petty, we are more than happy to help. These birds are special to us, probably have been with us a while, and only want the best for them. We are not anal about diet as some may be but would suggest a varied diet with a source of regular exercise. We will provide information on what foods are toxic, unhealthy along with healthy and their daily diet here encase you'd like to replicate it.



We do not condone breeding of our adoptees so this is also prevented via contract. Reason we do this is because the number of animals in rescue is excessive, adding more animals to pet trade is problematic for a variety of reasons, we are not against natural enrichment and breeding programmes in flocls and colonies but within a home this isn't suitable, pet owners often are also not aware of the dangers breeding presents in the animals body, what the risks and side effects can be.

We also neuter and spay small animals to prevent this happening. 


Adoption fees:

For the last 6 years we've always asked for a adoption fee of your choice. We do not rehome for the purpose of money, however we do also want to ensure our animals go to someone who is responsible and would be happy to pay for vets etc. We also of course run on donations and most the animals we receive costs us several hundred pound to treat or vet check so aswell as preventing irresponsible adoption it also helps the rescue to fund medical bills. 

What animals are you interested in rehoming?
How experienced are you with the feild selected?
What habitat was you hoping to provide the animal?
Do you have other animals in your home? if so please state how they are kept contained in your additional information section .
Do you have children?

Thanks for submitting!

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