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May Update from Runham Wildlife Rescue

Hello friends of Runham Wildlife Rescue!

Thanks to Our Supporters

A big thank you to Maggie, Philip, and the Scratby Carboot Sale team, along with all the buyers and sellers. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

We’ve had an influx of donations recently that have been incredibly helpful. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who contributed. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve received:

- Large glass window panels

- Two dog kennels

- Four dog/vet cages

- A plethora of items for our car boot sales

- A generous amount of dog food

- And, of course, a visit from the "apple fairy"!

A heartfelt thank you to all the knitters and crocheters who continue to create our delightful little creatures that hold a chocolate egg inside. Your unwavering support is truly amazing, and we appreciate every single item you make.

We have some exciting, large projects coming up, and we'll be revealing more details soon. In the meantime, your help is still greatly needed.

You can find our creatures at:

- California Tavern

- Spar in Ormesby

- Colmans Farm Shop

- Butterfly Bistro in Acle

- Dogs only at Winterton PO and California Tavern

Donations of wool or additional help from any of you would be absolutely fantastic. If you’re able to contribute, please get in touch, and I’ll connect you with the wonderful Bernadette to coordinate efforts.

Thank you once again for your incredible support!

Special thanks to Wendy Lamb at Falling Feathers Parrot Rescue for donating vet cages. These will be invaluable in our hospital room.

Thank You, Bradwell Parish Council. Thank you to Bradwell Parish Council for raising £300 for RWR during their Fun Dog Show. This will help cover much-needed bills and feed for our animals.

Fancy Pigeon Babies

We’ve welcomed a small group of fancy pigeon babies to our care. They are likely roller pigeons, and we have some stunning colors, including a beautiful yellow and red. Donations towards pigeon formula are always appreciated, as a pack costs about £20. Your support helps us provide the best care for these little ones.

Delia came to us with an eye problem that had been treated by a vet before her arrival. Sadly, she has lost sight in her right eye. As a semi-domesticated bird, she has joined our long-term fancy flock. Delia has some minor head injuries and needs to gain weight, but she’ll soon be joining the others in our aviary.

Baby Birds Galore

We’ve taken in many baby birds recently, mainly finches and songbirds like robins and blackbirds. Please remember the difference between nestlings and fledglings and the proper protocol if you find one. Nestlings should be collected immediately and brought to a rescue, while fledglings often do not need intervention. We will be making posters to better explain this in the coming week.

We have many baby birds, especially starlings, requiring care. Donations for their food are always appreciated.

Foraging Fun

With the sun out and weeds growing, foraging for your animals is a great way to provide natural food sources while getting some exercise. Just ensure you pick food-safe plants away from roads and wash them to remove any chemicals.

Exciting News from Jollyes Norwich

Drum roll, please! Jollyes Norwich has chosen to support Hallswood Animal Sanctuary and Runham Wildlife Rescue, thanks to your votes. We’re thrilled and grateful for this support.

Hedgehog Influx

We've seen a spike in hedgehog admissions recently: four injured, three out during the day (OID) needing diagnosis, and two with heavy parasite burdens. We’re also expecting four more to come in. Cat and dog food donations are always needed for our prickly visitors. Check your cupboards for any spare tins!

Rescue Updates

- Carrion Crows: We’ve had a few crows with calcium deficiencies, often mistaken for leucism. These birds require up to two years to recover.

- Catted Vole: A young vole brought in by a cat has made a full recovery after receiving antibiotics.

- Gulls: Two gulls were forwarded to us from other rescues. One, with a wing injury, has been released after treatment. The other, with an eye wound, is still in care.

Support Neil's Walk

Support Neil on his walk in aid of RWR! Check out his GoFundMe and show your support: Neil's GoFundMe. On the 9th June Neil will attempt to backpack the Icknield Way which is a 110 mile long-distance trail from Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire to Knettishall Heath, Suffolk. It will be an unsupported walk over several days aiming to finish on Friday 14th June. Neil decided to raise some much needed cash to help Runham Wildlife Rescue. Your donation would mean a lot to Runham Wildlife Rescue and help Neil complete his challenging trek. 

More info about walk and how you can support Neil go to GoFundMe Page:

Volunteer Call

We’re in need of handy volunteers to help dismantle old aviaries and clean up abandoned buildings. If you have a van or a trailer, even better! Any help to get this chapter behind us and focus on new projects would be amazing.

Educational Outreach

Increasing numbers of catted animals are coming into care as the weather improves. As cat owners, we can take steps to reduce wildlife casualties, such as using bird-safe collars and keeping cats indoors during baby season.

Donation Plea

We’re currently in need of funds to cover medical expenses for domestic animals and wildlife. Any amount you can spare will help ensure these animals get the long-term care they need.

Safety Reminder

Please avoid using long-stem grasses or hay when transporting animals to prevent injuries. Newspapers and towels are safer alternatives.

Thank you all for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.

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