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Please add all items to the cart and send us an email with the items you wish to purchase. we will contact as soon as possible to take the payment and ship your items. 

This can range in weight as depends on the species, Flies are used for species such as Swift and house martin in their rehabilition into living wild. Locus and Crickets are used in larger species such as corvids and song birds. And Mealworm, waxworm and mario are all used on young to adults in species such as song birds. Even our mammals benefit from insects. This means we go through many trays/bags of insects a day!


T&C: You will be buying insects that directly goes to the animals, you will not be buying insects for your own home. This is for people who are reluctant to give money directly to charities but would like to donate food. 

Allsorted Insects

  • You will not be buying supplies for your home, these items purchased will be sent directly to the rescue for rescue animals to use. 

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